Here at Blue Ribbon Horse Breaking & Schooling, we are a family.

Byron Biffin

Byron is a true horseman who was riding before he could walk and shares a strong empathy with horses.

He comes from a multi-generational horse dynasty, with direct family members professionals in areas such as horse breaking, show jumping, farriery, saddlery and the mounted police, amongst others.

From a young age Byron excelled in horse sporting events, and by the time he was 20 was an A Grade polocrosse player and had been a member of the national junior tentpegging squad for some years.

He started breaking in horses as a teenager, and kept up this interest amongst his other work commitments (he worked for the University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science for 15 years) until deciding to focus on it full time in 2016.

Byron has had the advantage of working with other highly respected horse trainers over many years and has honed his skills and experience under their influence.

He has a well-deserved reputation for delivering calm, balanced and well-rounded horses, both on the ground and under saddle or in harness, back to their owners, ready for them to go on with into the discipline of their choice.

Ineke Kuiper

Ineke also grew up riding horses from a toddler, and has loved and enjoyed horses all her life.

With an early basis in dressage training Ineke moved in to driving, alongside her riding, as a teenager, with a particular interest in heavy horses.  She has had outstanding success with her Shires and Clydesdales both in harness and under saddle over nearly 25 years.

In recent years Ineke has concentrated on schooling green horses, after being started by Byron, for owners who are taking their horses on to showing, dressage or jumping/eventing careers, or who are inexperienced riders and are seeking a bit more education for their horse.

Ineke, being only 5’3”, provides the breaking services for ponies who are a bit small for Byron’s larger frame.

Together Byron and Ineke run a highly successful Shire Horse Stud (see for more information) and also breed the occasional stock horse, thoroughbred and Shire Sporthorse.

Kees & Katinke Biffin

Kees and Katinke are the youngest members of the Blue Ribbon team.

The kids regularly provide company for their mum and dad on rides around their picturesque property on their Welsh Mountain Ponies Wyann Butternut Snap and Wyann Rap.

Their younger sister Minke is still too small to join in, but is watching her brother and sister with envy!


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