We focus on producing happy,
relaxed, confident and
trainable animals

All horses are started at Blue Ribbon in a gentle and understanding manner with a focus on producing happy, relaxed, confident and trainable animals at the end of the process.  While it is still called ‘breaking in’, it is important to note that horses are really ‘started’, not actually ‘broken’.

Based on our stunning 600 acre property in Bredbo NSW, we can ensure your horse gains experience and exposure across a range of environments such as hills, water, trails, stock and of course, arena work.

We believe in bringing horses on in their own time, and are careful to ensure that young horses remain relaxed, confident and are not overloaded either physically or mentally.

All horses educated by Blue Ribbon go home with the ability to work at each gait in a calm and settled manner, with an understanding of basic leg aids, the ability to work both with other horses and on their own, on flats, hills, circles, straight, and both in the arena and out in the wider world.

As we breed, break and train all our own horses, the Blue Ribbon team have an in-depth knowledge of how to guide a horse through its training to the best possible outcome, on a level beyond what can be achieved by many breakers who don’t have this personal experience and investment.
By sending your horse to Blue Ribbon, you can be confident that we will care for your horse as we would our own, adapting our training techniques to both the horse’s needs, as well as the individual needs of you, the owner.

Fees for all training options are inclusive of agistment and gst.

Services offered at Blue Ribbon Horse Breaking & Schooling

Starting under saddle


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Breaking to ride/longrein/low chains


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Breaking to ride/longrein/low chains/carts


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Ground work/manners


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Further schooling/education


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Agistment only – hay ration


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Supply your own hard feed

No Extra Costs

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Agistment – hay + hard feed


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Horsemanship lessons (for owners)


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